OUCH3 Spring Break Hash and Sloshball Games

When: Saturday, March 9, 2019, 2019
Where: The Compound, 515 N 11th St, Oxford, Mississippi 38655
The Gathering: 12:30 pm
Circle Up: 1 pm

Hares: Otter Beater Off and Spank That Brass
Hash Cash: $10
Bring: Hash Cash, whistle, virgins, ID, $$ if there’s a bar stop, running shoes, a sense of adventure,
Shiggy level: 2 out of 5. Mild Shiggy!

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Sloshball = drunken kickball. The rules are simple and athleticism is not required. If you can hold a beer and run at the same time, you’re golden.
It’s the first day of Spring Break so we are thinking of a Spring Break Hash & Sloshball games!

Rules for Playing the Sloshball Drinking Game

If you like playing kickball or softball, then you’ll definitely have a great time playing Sloshball. It’s the same as the above two with some additional twist. You guessed that right! It’s beer (or any alcohol)! Want to know how to play this game? Here are the rules for playing the Sloshball Drinking Game.


  • You’ll be spilling tons of beer and consuming very little of it, so plan accordingly and get gallons of cheap beer.
  • Drink Responsibly! Make sure you have Sober Bob to get you home safely.

Remember your childhood days when you would spend the weekends or holidays playing some ridiculously awesome games outdoors, that you and your friends would have just made up? Well, now that you are much older and sensible, it’s still the same with just the can of alcohol added to it!

So toss that sunscreen into your bag, get your novelty shades out, buy a crate of beer, and get ready for some fun in the sun! Let’s go and play Sloshball.

Time for Some Sloshball!

Sloshball is one of the most popular games in America. It requires a great amount of planning and preparation, copious amounts of alcohol, and a lot of running round. But it’s worth the effort and fun! The game is played in the similar way you play softball or kickball. In short, sloshball is the nothing but getting drunken and playing ball in kickball or softball style. The basic rules are more or less similar to that of baseball.

► All you need to play this game is a softball, gloves, keg, beer cups, and a large group of people ready to get sloshed if you are playing softball.
► For the kickball version, you’ll need a soccer ball, keg, beer cups, and again a gang of pals.
► The first and the most important rule of this game is to have beer in your hand at all times. This goes without saying that you will have to catch the ball one-handed.
► Divide the gang into two teams.
► Decide on which team will kick (or bat) and field.
► Each player must have a beer in his/her hand throughout the game.
► Select a player from your own team to pitch. Each player gets a total of three pitches however bad the pitch may be.
► A keg or a bucket of beers is placed at the second base, and another at home base or to the side of the field.
► Each player that reaches the second base has to stay and finish the beer in his/her cup, and then, refill at the base itself before moving on to the third base.
► There cannot be more than one player at the second base at one time, which is what makes the game interesting and challenging. There are chances of getting tagged out if your teammate lands up at the same base while you are still there.
► As for fielding, each player must have a beer in hand at all times, and if the ball comes their way, they cannot put the beer cup down and field.
► The teams can switch sides after they record three outs.
► The number of innings in the game is not limited, and can be continued till the time you run out of booze.
► At the end of the game, the losers are those who remain sober as compared to others.


► If you have a keg or beer crate at the first base, then each player who reaches the first base must refresh their drink, and are not allowed to touch the home base until the cup is emptied.
► The kegs can be placed at two bases to add some more fun to the game.
► There can be more than one player at the second base, however, there will be a force out at first and third base.
► At any point of time, if a player kicks the ball to or reaches the home base, then his/her team meets at the second base for ‘social’, where everyone drinks.
 Boat Race: You can hold a ‘boat race’ after every three innings. The winning team will get an extra run. Both the teams are supposed to line up facing each other. The players at one end have to furiously gulp down their beer, and put their empty cup on their head, upside down. It is an indication for the next person to start drinking, and continues until everybody in the team has finished drinking.
► Dizzy Sticks: If you are playing the softball version, you can do ‘dizzy sticks’ after three-fourth of the game is complete. The losing team has to drink additional beer. It is similar to a relay race. Line up the bats vertically at least 10 feet away, and place the other two bats about 20 yards away. Each player has to bend his/her head down on the bat, and spin around it five times with their eyes closed. The player, then, runs to next bat, drinks a beer, and spins the bat around five times, after which, he/she has to run to tag any teammate who has to repeat the same process. After Dizzy Sticks, the teams go back and finish their game.

Now that you know the rules for playing sloshball, get ready for some beer-spilling entertainment and a wild afternoon. You can also come up with your own set of rules and ways when some brilliant thoughts strike you in your drunken state. Oh! Don’t forget to get “Sloshed.”

Author: OUCH 3

OUCH3 is Oxford University Community Hash House Harriers. Founded Saturday, January 19, 1991.

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