OUCH3 Easter Hash – The ‘Rona Version

What the hell! We did a virtual hash-(ish)! We got bored while social distancing and decided to lay a quickie A-to-(nearly)A trail for you wankers! (You’re welcome.)

Hares: Taco Sans Carne & Bonnie Blue Balls
Hash Cash: FREE BEER FOR ALL THE HASHERS! (Well, 10 of you anyway)
Where: YMCA Parking Lot on North Lamar
When: NOW! Get off yer lazy quarantined asses! Hash is active until 9 pm today, Saturday, April 11, 2020.

We have hidden a stash of ice cold beer somewhere in Oxford, and it’s up to YOU to find it! Because we are all on lockdown and avoiding social contact, please do this trail alone or in small groups of up to 3 people.

Take a selfie at the On-Start location so we know who is participating. Feel free to take pics along the trail, but wait until after 9 pm to post them — we don’t want to give away the trail to those who come behind you.

There’s a sign up sheet at the beer stop, so please add your name and enjoy a cold one on OUCH3. Please record a video of yourselves singing a verse of “Jesus Saves.” We are going to edit them together after the Hash! Just try not to give away the beer stop location in your video.

Maybe after 9 pm we can schedule a Zoom for a virtual On-After.
Cheers and On-On!!

p.s. if this idea works, and the shelter-in-place order drags out, we can do more! Keep the kennel alive!

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