OUCH3 Hash’Olympdics

Hares: Otter Beater Off and Spank Dat Brass
Hash Cash: $10
Where: The Blind Pig
When: Saturday, May 15, 2021
Pre-Lube: 1:30 pm
Circle: 2:00 pm
Trail: A-B
Shiggy Level: 1
Bring: Bring your A Game. Or your B, C, D, or F game. Just Bring It!

The dynamic duo of Otter Beater Off and Spank Dat Brass are ready to get this kennel up and running again (HA!) with a very special Hash’Olympdics!

Let’s face it: you’ve been working out throughout this pandemic, waiting for your moment to shine. Now is the time. Come have some fun with the OUCH3 crew!

There will be a trail. There will be beer. There will be games. There will be beer. There will be medals. There will be beer. There will be the thrill of triumph and the agony of defeat. Hopefully, there will be you!

Let’s get the band back together again!

Lost in Harmontown Hashwarming

Hares: Lost My Blank and Chief Muff-n-Charge
Hash Cash: $10
Where: Teckville Public Use Area, Harmontown, Mississippi
When: Saturday, May 1, 2021 at 2:30 pm

The May Day tradition of festooning the front door before the inevitable ding and ditch continues as OUCH3 spreads a little something-something around Lost My Blank‘s new house in Harmontown.

We will Hash at the lake around the public use area and then on–after about 3 miles away at the new homestead.

Plenty of outdoor camping and some crash space available since we know it’s the other end of the freaking world even though it’s still in the same county.

BRING: A VESSEL! shiggy socks & shoes you don’t mind getting wet & sandy, sunscreen , $10 hash cash, & chairs for on after if you have some.